Kew Gardens trip

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2016 at 3:04 pm


First we got on the coach and the coaches name was mayday.After we arrived at Kew Gardens.First we took a photo after the photo we saw a pecock.Then we went to the toilet then we saw a lady.The lady gave us craions and we drawed flowers and bushes some people drawed grass.Some peoples perents took photos.After a while we sat down and ate our fruit . Then we went to the Lilly house and it was hot there was green stuff  on top of are heads.We went into the palace there was bamboo under there was fishes some one let us touch stuff and they all where made of bamboo.A few moments later we had lunch later we arrived at Treehouse it was wubiling it was scary like a horrid movie it felt like I was just about to die but Amaar was shacking it the hole time.A little while we played duck duck goose.


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