The Kew Gardens Trip!

Posted on Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 3:52 pm

On Tuesday 28th June we went on school trip to Kew Gardens. I want to share what we did there!

  • First we explored The Gardens and we saw a PEACKOCK!!!
  • Next a worker came to give us a tour and she gave us some black card and she told us to look around and sketch the plants and flowers we could see.
  • Then she told us to peel the white sticky thing that was on the black card and collect in there’s ting things the we find and stick it on the black card
  • ┬áThen we went in the water lily house and it was steaming in there.There was a crazy plant called a Red Hot Cats Tail and it had cat tails that were Red isn’t that crazy?!
  • Fifth we went into a ginormous greenhouse and we looked at a lot of plants and there were a thousand left.
  • Downstairs in the greenhouse was a aquarium and it had fascinating fish in there and there was even a fish like Dory!!
  • Where we had our lunch was a playground but we couldn’t play in the playground because there were to much children.

Last we went in the coach and played the silent game and sleeping lions and that was the end.

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By Malahat

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