Lighthouse keepers lunch

Posted on Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 3:50 pm

One   tearing day there  was a lighthouse keeper named Mr Grinling.He lived in a white cottage.He liked to sail to his lighthouse and polish his light. The next day Mrs Grinling went to the kitchen and she was making scrumptious barbecue chickewn with sause,Iced sea biscuit. The dinner was ready and Mrs Grinling sent it to Mr Grinling  …………unfortunately  it didn’t  make it to him  the  seagulls saw it and they were twirling and spinning like a spiral .Mr Grinlings was furious and he thought of a plan at home to put Hamish in the basket and set him of to the shing lighthouse and there was a nether plan and they put musterd sandwich and the  seagulls flew away  and they  lived happily ever arfter 

The End


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