Miss Peppa Pig story.

Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2016 at 12:10 pm

This is miss Peppa pig. She is very kind and friendly. She likes to go to the seaside and she packed her luggage and lunch box. One day Peppa walked to the seaside and met miss happy and Mr grumpy. Miss Peppa pig made friends with miss happy and Mr grumpy. Mr Grumpy took 1 of Peppas Crackers. Then Peppa shared her crackers with Mr Grumpy and be friends with him. Miss Peppa pig went home on 10:39 pm. The End









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2 Responses to “Miss Peppa Pig story.”

  1. Miss Williamson says:

    Great story Ordain- your character does sound very nice and friendly. Could you tell me more about the character Mr Grumpy?
    Miss Williamson

  2. 20jessicam says:

    Hi ordain I love your post but it could be better if you discribe adout mr grunpy and mr happy.

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