My best friend at school

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 4:55 pm

My best friend  at school is Kaysie and Iman .

Iman is my best friend because she is so kind and she helps me when Ineed help.

Kaysie  is my best friend because she helps me and she is also kind.

Kaysie plays with me at school and Iman plays with  me as well.

Iman plays with me when I’m alone.

Kaysie also plays with me when I’m alone.

From Jovita

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4 Responses to “My best friend at school”

  1. Miss Williamson says:

    Hi Jovita
    It is interesting that you are talking about your friends.
    What do you think makes a good friend?
    Miss Williamson

  2. 20imanj says:

    Hi Jovita I like your post because you have tolled me all about who your friends are.
    Can you please tell the world about your 2 teacher miss Williamson and miss Jacob.

    Can you reply on it please?

    Love from Iman

  3. Fortune says:

    Hi Jovita I enjoyed reading your post because you are saying what your friends do I think it would be even better if you say what if your friends don’t help you when you need help. From Fortune

  4. 20tobis says:

    I like your post because you have used some good teamwork to do this work.Are you two my friend? I think you make so good friends if you are lonely come on and play with me

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