Can you rise to the challenge?

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2015 at 11:46 am

In 2.2 we have been learning all about keeping fit and healthy. We have been doing a challenge everyday to try and improve our fitness! We have to run laps of the netball court everyday. We try to do more laps each day.

If we exercise everyday, our stamina will improve and we will be fitter. How do you keep fit?

We also need to make sure we are eating healthy foods. What healthy foods do you eat?

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5 Responses to “Can you rise to the challenge?”

  1. 20lillymayl says:

    To miss Williamson what I do to keep fit and healthy is eat lots of fruits and vegetables like apples tomato carrots and so much keep fit you have to run jump skip.from lily -may.

  2. 20imanj says:

    To Miss Willamson
    I like your post because you have tolled me about what 2.2 is leaning.
    You can get better at your raising your challenge.
    From Iman

    • saran says:

      Hi Miss Williamson
      I loved your post because you have said where we were doing are laps and what to eat to be helthy. To make it better you could add more details in it.

      from Saran

  3. 20kaysiew says:

    Hello miss Williamson

    I rilly like your post because you have told ever boddy what we have been learning about.

    You can get better you can ask more questions than one.

    From kaysie

  4. 20tobis says:

    Hi miss Williamson I like your post because the laps are really good!. After one lap I am tired every time.One time we did not run in the normal plase.From Tobi

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