Kew Gardens trip

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First we got on the coach and the coaches name was mayday.After we arrived at Kew Gardens.First we took a photo after the photo we saw a pecock.Then we went to the toilet then we saw a lady.The lady gave us craions and we drawed flowers and bushes some people drawed grass.Some peoples perents took photos.After a while we sat down and ate our fruit . Then we went to the Lilly house and it was hot there was green stuff  on top of are heads.We went into the palace there was bamboo under there was fishes some one let us touch stuff and they all where made of bamboo.A few moments later we had lunch later we arrived at Treehouse it was wubiling it was scary like a horrid movie it felt like I was just about to die but Amaar was shacking it the hole time.A little while we played duck duck goose.


My favourite parts of our Kew garden trip

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 My favourite  parts  of the trip were

6 different parts.

  • .1 treetop walkway.

  • .2 yummy lunch

  • .3 waterlily house

  • .4 getting on the coach.

  • .5 the aquarium with fascinating fish

  • .6 looking at the peacock



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My poem

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See what I found ?

An awesome calming lily.

softly flowing in the wind.

will it fly over to my garden?


The Kew Gardens Trip!

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On Tuesday 28th June we went on school trip to Kew Gardens. I want to share what we did there!

  • First we explored The Gardens and we saw a PEACKOCK!!!
  • Next a worker came to give us a tour and she gave us some black card and she told us to look around and sketch the plants and flowers we could see.
  • Then she told us to peel the white sticky thing that was on the black card and collect in there’s ting things the we find and stick it on the black card
  •  Then we went in the water lily house and it was steaming in there.There was a crazy plant called a Red Hot Cats Tail and it had cat tails that were Red isn’t that crazy?!
  • Fifth we went into a ginormous greenhouse and we looked at a lot of plants and there were a thousand left.
  • Downstairs in the greenhouse was a aquarium and it had fascinating fish in there and there was even a fish like Dory!!
  • Where we had our lunch was a playground but we couldn’t play in the playground because there were to much children.

Last we went in the coach and played the silent game and sleeping lions and that was the end.

Thanks for reading my post

By Malahat

The experiment

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  • First we got 4 plastic cups
  • Then we put crees seeds into each one
  • Next we put cotton wool and soil into each one
  • Then we put water and coke into each one

Georgia o’keeffe

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Gorgia o’keeffe was born on the 15 of November in 1887.At the age of ten she knew she wanted to be an artist.In erlay 1900’s she went to art school in ciargo.Gorgia o’keeffe engoyed school in particlaur art and had lots of lovely extra lessons after a while in 1924 Gorgia got married to Alfred steigitz.One day she found a outstanding awsome amazing black iris and pantied it it in 1926.In 1928 she found some butifful poppies.In 1931 she found a skull of a cow and pantied it .In 1946 she moved to new Mexico.Gorgia gave up panting when she got older she lost her vision sadly she died in March 6 1986 at the age of 98 

Lighthouse keepers lunch

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One   tearing day there  was a lighthouse keeper named Mr Grinling.He lived in a white cottage.He liked to sail to his lighthouse and polish his light. The next day Mrs Grinling went to the kitchen and she was making scrumptious barbecue chickewn with sause,Iced sea biscuit. The dinner was ready and Mrs Grinling sent it to Mr Grinling  …………unfortunately  it didn’t  make it to him  the  seagulls saw it and they were twirling and spinning like a spiral .Mr Grinlings was furious and he thought of a plan at home to put Hamish in the basket and set him of to the shing lighthouse and there was a nether plan and they put musterd sandwich and the  seagulls flew away  and they  lived happily ever arfter 

The End


See what I found

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See what I found

A little pink flower.

In front of the sun standing godly.

What will it grow to?

See what I found?

A long green stem.

Abzorbing the hot dazzling sun in the mud.

When is  it going to die?


Questions to garden senter manger

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What is your favourite flower?
What is your most propeller flower?
How meny flower pots?

Wich flowers do you sale?

Why do you sale seades?


My research about Georgia O’keefe

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When and where was Georgia O’Keefe born?

Georgia O’Keeffe was born on the 15th November 1877 in the United States.

When did Georgia O’Keefe know  she wanted to be a artist? 

When she was ten she knew she wanted to be an artist.


Who first inspired Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings?

She was inspired by Sara Mann.

When Georia O’Keefe get married?

She got married at 1924.

How much did Georia O’Keefe Lily paintings sell for?

Georia O’Keeffe’s Lily paintings were £25,000.

When did Georia O’Keefe move to New Mexico?

Georgia O’Keeffe moved to New Mexico on 1924.

What part of New Mexico inspired New Mexico?

The skies, dry and sunny landscapes inspired Georgia O’Keeffe.

What is Georia O’Keeffe most known for paintings?

She is most known for flowers, bones, leaves, trees and mountains.

by Iman

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